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Jan 22, 2024

Truck Parking Dandenong

Storex Team

Many of the smaller transport operators are running a fleet of 2 or 3 trucks, or even perhaps 10 trucks, but even in businesses of this size, the overheads are high and the margins are skinny.  Many of these operators are owner-drivers or family businesses. They take pride in their vehicles and spend time looking after them, yet they do not have large yards or a warehouse depot to operate from.

We have many such transport companies using our storage facility to base their trucks. These transport operators have been prevented from parking in their residential street by local council, and really, have very few cost effective options.

Truck parking customers require 24/7 access, adequate turning space, firm road and hardstand surfaces and effective lighting. We developed the facility with truck storage and truck parking in mind, and probably do it better than any one else.

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