Storage Tips
Jan 22, 2024

Packing Tips

Storex Team

A Few Storage Tips:

  • Empty all furniture draws etc prior to moving
  • Remove all legs & wheels from furniture items to save space & avoid damage
  • Cover & protect all furniture items including lounges & mattresses with blankets or our special plastic covers
  • Ensure you pack your items clean & dry to prevent mildew damage
  • Try to utilise uniformed sized boxes which are easier to stack
  • Always stack the lighter boxes on top of heavier ones so they do not collapse over time
  • Wrap breakable items separately & mark boxes “fragile”
  • Pack books & other heavy items in smaller boxes for easy lifting
  • Label boxes with room & content details
  • Try to leave a walkway or space in your unit for easier access of goods stored if necessary & to aid circulation
  • Don’t forget to notify a change of address (if you have moved house or business location) to all utility companies, banks, post office & other service providers

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