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Mini Warehouse

Some small businesses and trades contractors are not quite big enough to justify a warehouse, but have outgrown the garage... the spare bedroom... and the front porch! Have you thought of using a storage space as a mini-warehouse? Why not try it for a few months, or if you are growing fast, you can start with one, and take on another when you are ready. With a Storex storage space, you can drive right to the door!

Daytime parking onsite

If you drive a work truck and are worried about it parked in your drive at night or on weekends, why not park it at Storex, then you and the apprentice can leave your car here during the day and both cars can be parked safely in your allocated space while you are on the job.

Lots of space

Sometimes you need to take delivery of that special order item for a job... and sometimes it is BIG. If you know the delivery is booked, but the job is just not ready yet, store it at Storex... even for a short time, we have plenty of space.

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