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Jan 22, 2024

Growing businesses

Storex Team

We are an enterprising lot at Storex!

We have had the privilege of assisting many of our customers grow their businesses at Storex, using our flexible storage solutions as a mini-warehouse for their goods.

It works very well for growing businesses because as their stock levels fluctuate, they can increase or decrease their storage space and only pay for what they use.

Unlike a small factory where they are locked into a fixed rent and pay for space they don`t need, Storex can help keep their costs down and free up valuable cashflow to help them grow.

Now, we have lost a few customers over the years, because they simply outgrew us, and now have their own warehouses, but there are always plenty more we can help!

It hasn't always been smooth sailing, we had one customer, a young man who was very keen to grow his business and ordered in loads of rice. Unfortunately, the poor guy forgot to tell his supplier to ship 20KG bags, and he was delivered 40kg bags, which in Australia are illegal to lift by yourself! So he had all this great product, but he had to re-bag it onto 20KG bags before he could sell it.

He wasn’t the only one who learned something, we found out very soon after that there are health laws that prevent any food storage of any kind, even dried and preserved food from being stored in facilities such as ours.

We had to let this customer go, and change our policies around food storage, but we have been able to help many new customers with our flexible warehouse storage.

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